Get Fit

with Michael

I am on a mission to save people from fad diets and diet culture!
Get Fit with Michael is here to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed and achieve long-term results.


Monthly Training Plans

You will receive a new exercise plan at the start of every month. This will be sent through your very own Get Fit with Michael app.

Monthly Recipe Books

You will receive a new recipe book with 30 new recipes every month. All meals have barcodes to scan into MyFitnessPal.

Dietary Advice

You will receive dietary advice on sign up, showing you how set up your diet for success; along with a new recipe book every month for cooking inspiration.

Weekly Live Support

Weekly live Q&A with Michael to support you on your journey.

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Private Facebook Group

You will receive entry to

a private Facebook community alongside all Get Fit with Michael members.

Live Workout Classes

3x live workout classes each week. Home workouts with Michael and live yoga classes.



Are you sick of jumping from diet to diet?


So many people feel lost and unsure of how to achieve success.

I see people stuck following overly-complicated exercise programmes and overly-restrictive meal plans that have no flexibility and allow no room for enjoyment. 

This is a no-nonsense community approach to health and fitness.

No matter what your fitness goals, Get Fit with Michael provides you with an in-depth blueprint that will support you along the way.


You will be provided with new monthly exercise programmes, dietary support and

access to a private members area that creates a support network for your success.


- Instant access to all of the above features

- Price locked in forever

- Cancel any time


(£25.00 per month)

- Instant access to all of the above features

- Free initial consultation to get you started on your fitness journey

- Reduced monthly rate compared to monthly sign-up


Do I need access to a gym?

No. Get Fit with Michael caters to all exercise needs. At the start of every month you will receive new workout plans for both the gym and at home - home workouts are available for using bodyweight only, or with the use of resistance bands.

How often will I receive new workouts?

New exercise plans will be sent out via your personal Get Fit with Michael app on the first day of every month.

Will this help me to lose body fat?

If this is your goal...then yes! Get Fit with Michael caters for all exercise goals. You will receive nutritional guidance showing you how to set up your diet to both lose body fat and build muscle.

Do I need to count calories?

No. You will receive guidance on how to track your calories and macronutrients if you would like to monitor them, but there will also be advice on how to eat without calorie counting.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. This is a subscription service and your subscription can be cancelled at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions